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K-State Theatre

John Uthoff

Rank: Associate Professor

Title: Head of Lighting and Sound

Education: M.F.A.,University of Iowa, Theatrical Design; B.A., University of Iowa, Speech and Dramatic Art

Courses Taught: Fundamentals of Stage Lighting; Theatrical Sound Design; Advanced Stage Lighting; Concepts of Theatre Production

Job Description: John is the Lighting and Sound Designer for the Department. He is in charge of the lighting and sound designs for all departmental productions and the supervisor of all student designers in these areas.

Bio: John has served as lighting designer, scenic designer, sound designer, or technical director of more than 200 productions. These include musicals, dance concerts, operas, original scripts and many plays. He is also interested in International Design, and was involved with World Stage Design in Toronto, and has studied productions in Russia, Estonia, Finland, the Czech Republic and Canada. He has attended the Prague Quadrennial and arranged for visiting designers from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Canada.

Presently after serving as President and Immediate Past President of USITT, and many years as USITT's Liaison to KCACTF, John presently serves on the Finance Committee. John is a Fellow of the Institute and has been awarded the Joel E. Rubin Founders' Award by USITT as well as the KCACTF Golden Medallion.

Favorite Quote:  "Let there be light!"