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Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

The theatre program at Kansas State University offers you a solid liberal arts education and extensive production opportunities while you pursue a B.A., B.S., or M.A. degree. The faculty is made up of dedicated teachers and professionals who are devoted to helping you develop skills in numerous areas of theatre, including performance, production, and scholarship. The program trains you for professional internships or graduate study and allows you to enter immediately into the professional arena or to pursue other exiting career options.

The training experience is enhanced by visiting professionals and alums who are currently working in performing arts fields such as acting, directing, design, stage management, and drama therapy.

A minor in theatre studies is also available.

Theatre Degree Program Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Knowledge of the various means (acting, directing, designing, constructing, etc.) through which a theatrical concept is realized.

2. Knowledge of plays that are representative of the development of theatre and drama.

3. Knowledge of theatre history, including its cultural context and its modes of production.

4. Knowledge of research sources and methods.

5. A competency in a chosen specialization and/or general proficiency in a broad based background in Theatre Arts.

6. The ability to think critically and analytically, and to evaluate critical concepts in the context of a range of individual dramatic works.

7. The cultivation of the following viewpoints:

        A. Development of professional discipline

        B. Development of a collaborative attitude

        C. Development of artistic standards and judgement

        D. Development of respect for the art form as it contributes to an understanding of human diversity.

8. The ability to respond as a critically informed member of the theatre audience.

9. An appreciation of how the knowledge and skills learned in the discipline of theatre can transfer to life skills.

10. The ability to function safely and effectively using contemporary theatre technology.