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Lighting and Sound Design

The sequence of courses required for Lighting and Sound Design include: Introduction to Theatrical Design, Fundamentals of Technical Production, Fundamentals of Stage Lighting, Advanced Stage Lighting and Theatrical Sound Design. Students are encouraged to take Computer Drafting (AutoCAD), and beginning design courses in set and costume design. In addition students should have a background in acting, directing, stage management, and dance. Students with an interest in stage lighting or sound design are encouraged to work with the faculty lighting and sound designer to develop independent-study classes that relate to their individual goals.

Talented students wishing to concentrate in either lighting or sound design will have the opportunity to design for main stage or Purple masque productions as well as exploring techniques and aesthetics in the classroom. The Purple Masque theatre is where the student directed and designed productions are normally produced, and it allows for experimentation and a more limited time commitment. Students are encouraged to assist and rig in a variety of venues and work with a variety of equipment. Productions include Drama, Comedy, Opera, Musicals, Original Plays, and Dance. In addition, McCain Auditorium uses student crews for presenting national and regional touring productions.

Student sound designs work with both digital and analog mixers, digital editing and recording, SFX by Stage Research, and Shure UHF-R wireless microphones. Design work is done in both Sound Reinforcement and Sound Scoring. Talented students have the opportunity to work in both Purple Masque and main stage productions.

Over the past several years guest lighting designers have given students the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry. Students are encouraged to work in regional theatre over the summer, and attend regional and national conferences.

Alums have been successful in gaining access to major MFA programs, and done well in URTA Auditions. Several have moved directly to work in theatres in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

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