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K-State Theatre

K-State Undergraduate Student Student Learning Outcomes

Thtre Courses

Thtre 664

Creative Dramatics

Thtre 665

Drama Therapy with Special Populations

Thtre 666

Stage Management

Thtre 673

Theatre for Conflict Resolution

Thtre 674

Drama Therapy with Adolescents

Thtre 675

Drama Therapy with Older Adults

Thtre 710

Practicum in Theatre

Thtre 711

Topics in Technical Theatre

Thtre 712

Theatre Management

Thtre 760

Principles of Drama Therapy

Thtre 761

Advanced Acting

Critical ThinkingXXXXXX XXXX
Diversity X XXX**XXX
IntegrityXXXXXX  XXX
*Not a focus of the class but often a by product of the content and interaction inherent in the course.