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K-State Theatre

K-State Undergraduate Student Student Learning Outcomes

Thtre Courses

Thtre 370

Dramatic Structure

Thtre 560

Advanced Stage Movement

Thtre 562


Thtre 565

Principles of Directing

Thtre 566

Rehearsal Techniques

Thtre 568

Fund of Scene Design

Thtre 569

Advanced Technical Production

Thtre 572

History of Theatre I

Thtre 579

Fund of Stage Lighting

Thtre 632

Costume Design

Thtre 661

Prof Develop.

Critical ThinkingX XX XXXXXX
CommunicationsXXXXXX XXXX
DiversityX  XX    * 
Integrity  XXXXX  XXX
*Not a focus of the class but often a by product of the content and interaction inherent in the course.