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Summary Report on SLOs in MA in Theatre 2004-2009

In 2004 the graduate faculty in theatre created the SLOs for the graduate theatre program and began assessing the achievement of them through three ways: Each member of the student's graduate committee completes an assessment form on the Oral Examination and Creative Project on SLOs K3, S1, S2, A1, A2, A3, and A4 as evidenced by the student's project, written report on the project, and presentation in the oral examination.

Each member of the student's graduate committee reads a selection of papers from the dramatic literature courses taken by all MA in theatre students and completes an assessment form on SLOs K2 and S3.

Each student completes an exit interview assessing his/her achievement of all the SLOs. Students are also invited to include written comments about the strengths and weaknesses they experienced in their program.

These ratings are charted and compared to see if faculty and student are making similar assessment of the achievement of the SLOs. Graduate faculty meet in the fall to look at the results of the students who graduated the previous year to determine if any curricular adjustments are warranted.

Summary Report on SLOs in MA in Theatre with Concentration in Drama Therapy 2009

The MA in Theatre with concentration in drama therapy was approved as a curriculum in June 2008. Previous to that time the SLOs submitted for that program were approved. To date a complete set of data on the SLO assessment sheets have not been collected.

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