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Graduate Student Learning Outcomes


The discipline of theatre in higher education encompasses theatre as an artistic form and as a social and cultural institution. Its artistic form, which is defined through production, involves the collaboration of theatre artists, scholars, and technicians. Needed for this collaboration are theatrical knowledge and skills acquired through study and practice in classroom, studio, and public performance. Historical, theoretical, critical, and cultural studies provide perspective on the art of theatre in performance, and the theatre as a social and cultural institution, both past and present.

A Graduate of the Master of Arts Program in Theatre should have these basic competencies:


K1. Knowledge of the various means (i.e., acting, directing, designing, playwriting) through which a theatrical concept is realized.

K2. Knowledge of plays that are representative of the development of theatre and drama.

K3. Knowledge of research sources and methods.


S1. A competency in a chosen specialization (e.g., acting, directing, design, playwriting) as demonstrated in a final Master's Project and/or general proficiency in a broad-based background in Theatre Arts demonstrated through coursework and a final Master's Report or Thesis.

S2. The ability to think critically and analytically, and the capacity to demonstrate this ability in speech.

S3. The ability to think critically and analytically, and the capacity to demonstrate this ability in writing.


A1. The development of professional discipline.

A2. The development of a collaborative attitude.

A3. The development of artistic standards and judgment.

A4. The development of respect for the art form as it contributes to an understanding of human diversity.


Theatre Faculty:

Sally D. Bailey, M.F.A., Trinity University; M.S.W., University of Maryland at Baltimore

Jerry Jay Cranford, M.F.A., Minnesota State University

Charlotte A. MacFarland, M.A. University of Wisconsin

Marci E. Maullar, M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University

Dana Pinkston, M.F.A., Pennsylvania State University

Shannon Blake Skelton, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Benjamin Stark, M.F.A., Yale University

John S. Uthoff, M.F.A., University of Iowa

Jennifer G. Vellenga, M.F.A., Ohio University

Kathy Voecks, M.F.A., University of Missouri - Kansas City