Graduate Program Overview

Kansas State University's M.A. in theatre is broadly-based and intended to prepare students for teaching at the high school or community college level, for MFA or Ph.D. study, for professional training, or for a career in drama therapy. You can find specific details about the curriculum and other information on our various emphases in the Graduate Handbook for Theatre and for Drama Therapy on our website.

Of our ten graduate faculty members, eight have MFA degrees and one has a Ph.D. Faculty members' areas of specialization include directing, acting, playwriting, drama therapy, scene design, costuming, theatre management, technical direction, dramatic literature/theatre history, stage movement, and musical comedy. Our faculty has published books and articles in professional journals and has held national leadership positions in professional associations over the past several years.

Our production season offers a balance of classics and contemporary drama. Each year we produce one musical and one opera in association with the K-State Music Department. Production facilities include a 900 seat proscenium theatre, a 250 seat thrust theatre, and a 100 seat theatre for student written and directed productions. Our main stage season includes six productions a year: one in the proscenium theatre and five in the thrust, plus three to four plays in the student theatre.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships: Assistantships are available in Public Speaking, Introduction to Theatre, Marketing, Costume Design, and Scene Design. Competitive stipends are offered running from August to May and 10 hours of graduate credit tuition are waived each semester.  Assistantship applications are due by February 1st. To be considered for a GTA you must have your graduate application in and be accepted into the program by then as well.

What to Avoid in your Graduate Application


Currently we are not accepting applications for the Graduate Acting and Directing emphases

However, we are still accepting applicants in Design/Tech, and Drama Therapy.


TO APPLY TO for an MA in THEATRE or THEATRE/Drama Therapy


The Theatre Program does not require the GRE or other graduate admissions tests.


For U.S. Students: If you wish to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, your application should be in no later than February 1st as GTAs are chosen sometime between in mid-February and the beginning of March.  Otherwise, we have open application.  Students are accepted into the drama therapy program to begin either in the Summer or Fall semester.  There are no Spring admissions.

For International Students see         

To apply for an MA in theatre or an MA in theatre with concentration in drama therapy:


1. First fill out the College Net online application located on the Graduate School website at and pay the application fee.  Be sure keep a copy of the receipt of payment for yourself.  There are separate links on that page: one for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents to use and one for International Students.

2. The online application will ask you for copies of the official transcript of each college or university you have attended (if you transferred from one institution to another, we need one from each institution).  You can have your university send electronic transcripts or you can upload unofficial transcripts and after you are accepted, at that time you can send the Graduate School office your official transcripts.

3. The online application will ask you for the names and contact information of three people who can write letters of recommendation for you.  It is helpful to ask former professors who can speak to your ability to succeed at the graduate level in a theatre program in terms of high academic standards and theatre abilities.  You could also ask an employer if your work for them has related to the area in which you will be studying.  Do not ask a relative or friend to write you a letter.

The College Net system will send an email to the letter writers and request that they upload their letter of recommendation on letterhead to the website.

4. Last, you will need to upload an essay describing why you wish to study at Kansas State; what aspects of the program appeal to you; what your career goals are; where you feel your strengths lie.  If you want to know what NOT to write, please see “What to Avoid in your Graduate Application”

FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, in addition, you must: 

  1. Have your TOEFL Scores sent.  See below for more TOEFL information* 
  2. Upload an Affidavit of Support (located on the same page as the online application form)

 If you wish to focus your course of study in the design area, you will also be required to submit a CD portfolio to Kathy Voecks, Head of Design to evaluate.

 If you wish to focus your course of study in drama therapy, you will need to have an in-person interview with Sally Bailey, Director of the Drama Therapy Program.

 If you wish to apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, please contact the MTD office directly to request a form by emailing Cindy Friedrich at or call 785-532-1126.

 For more information about application procedures, please contact Sally Bailey, the Director of Graduate Studies in Theatre, at or call 785-532-6780.


More for International Students:

* TOEFL Scores (the following information is from the Graduate Student Handbook):

  • Applicants who are submitting a iBT TOEFL (internet based) scores must have a minimum total score of 79 with no part score below 20 on the reading, listening, and writing sections.
  • Applicants who are submitting a paper-based TOEFL (PBT) test scores must have a minimum total score of 550 with no part score below 55 on reading or listening sections and a TWE (Test of Written English) score of 5.0 or higher.
  • Applicants who are submitting an IELTS score must have a minimum total score of 6.5 with part scores of 6.5 or higher on the reading, listening, and writing sections.

If you have lower than these scores, you are required to complete specified English classes at K-State first.