Process for Developing Healthier, Cream-based Yogurt Spreads and Dips

Reference Number: 12-13
Inventors: Fadi Aramouni and Kristin Wirth

As consumers continue to make more health conscious decisions, food companies are increasingly aimed at developing healthier alternatives to complement traditional products. Recent attention has been focused on using yogurt for cream-based product improvements due to its nutritional benefits. The process of combining yogurt with other ingredients often requires the adultering of ingredients by either discarding whey or adding substantial proportions of gums and processed milk byproducts. Due to their disparate properties, such efforts have not been able to produce an appealing consistency and utility meanwhile sustaining yogurt’s nutritional value.

Researchers at Kansas State University have developed a new process to combat the above issues resulting in an improved dip or spreadable product by mixing yogurt and milk. Further, this process involves a milk-based premix with yogurt to produce final products with preferred taste, texture and nutritional values.

  • Lower calorie and fat content
  • Higher protein and calcium levels
  • Benefits of probiotics
  • Easily customizable
  • Replacement or substitution for actual or imitation cream-based spreads, dips and fillings
Patent Status
  • Provisional patent application filed in May 2013.

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