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Planning and Administration

Kansas State University's commitment to sustainability has the potential to be far-reaching, beginning with certain university initiatives including:

K-State 2025

This plan presently in development aims to make K-State a top-tier research university by 2025. Included in the plan will be expanding research, confronting deferred maintenance of K-State's high percentage of aging buildings, and meeting the needs of increasing enrollment and faculty/staff.

The Sustainability Strategic Action Plan for K-State 2025 can be found at:  http://www.k-state.edu/2025/initiatives/sustainability/.

Campus Master Plan

K-State Sustainability Task Force Report  (PDF)

In 2009, the university established the K-State Sustainability Task Force to assess sustainability needs and vision on campus. Learn more. (PDF)


How can you make your workplace more sustainable? Learn more with the Greening Your Workplace program.

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