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History of Sustainability at K-State

Over the years, K-State has increasingly been faced with questions of sustainability throughout our campus academic, student, operational, alumni, and stakeholder communities. Several developments have marked this path.

1989 - K-State Recycling Program created.

1991 - Natural Resource and Environmental Sciences (NRES) secondary major created.

2000 - Students for Environmental Action founded, the first student environmental advocacy organization.

July 2006 - First Annual Dialogue on Sustainability organized by the Consortium on Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability.

2007 - Stewardship Subcommittee established to incorporate sustainability into K-State's planning activities.

April 2008 - Director of Sustainability student government cabinet position created.

June 2008 - University-wide Director of Sustainability position created. Ben Champion was named the first Director of Sustainability.

December 2008 - Sustainability Task Force established to make comprehensive set of recommendations for K-State efforts in sustainability.

January 2009 - First annual statewide sustainability conference, Leading Kansas in Sustainability, hosed by K-State.

September 2009 - K-State Sustainability website goes live.

September 2009 - K-State Sustainability Task Force final report (PDF) issued.

September 2010 - Energy and Environment Program established.

2011 - Sustainability Student Intern Program established through the Office of Sustainability.

February 2012 - K-State EcoReps Program created for campus departments and offices.

Fall 2013 - Green Action Fund is initiated by SGA, partnering with the Office of Sustainability.


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