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Summer at K-State

Development Grants

Kansas State University Summer School’s grant funding program provides funding for faculty to develop new and innovative programs for Summer.  Faculty and departments are invited to submit proposals using the Application Form.

Some examples of new summer programs (based upon what peer institutions across the country are doing), include:

  • New honors-related programs
  • New CAT communities that expand outreach to incoming students
  • Programs that prepare incoming students for college-level work
  • Summer institutes for returning professionals (such as teachers learning a new skill or adding an endorsement)
  • Minors or certificates that could be completed during the summer

The priority submission deadline is Oct. 3, 2016, for programs to be offered in summer 2017.  Review of the proposals will occur in early October, and departments will be notified of funded programs by mid-October.

For more information, please contact Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Summer School Coordinator, at 785-532-2570 or jam4545@ksu.edu.