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Kansas State University Branded Note Card

Use the links on the right to produce a printed or electronic note card/ thank you. 

For internal and external use.


Print on cardstock (or paper of choice), cut in half, & fold for two cards.


Electronic (attached to email)

1. Open Word file. 

2. Type in text for a note or thank you. 

3. Save as a .pdf (so text isn't editable).

4. Attach to an email.


Electronic (in body of email)

1. Open Word file.

2. Type message into textbox (below the image).

3. Click on Windows start menu>Accessories>Snipping Tool *

4. Select area of K-State note you'd like to appear in the body of the email.

5. File> Save as .jpg

6. Open and start a new email

7. Add attachment and locate saved .jpg

8. Once .jpg file is selected click the box to add image to the message body.

9. Click attach (image should appear in the message body on screen).

*Any screen capture tool to save as an image file will work


Brought to you by the Staff Life Development Committee and the Division of Communications & Marketing

Create Your Thank You Notes


Printable Thank You

Electronic Thank You