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Study Abroad

Casey Thompson

Hometown:  Fort Collins, Colorado                   

Where I studied abroad: Cusco, Peru

Major:  Social Work

Minor: Spanish

Favorite Foreign Food:  Picarones (I like to think of them as healthy donuts!)

Favorite city/site visited while abroad:  Lake Titicaca

My next trip is going to be to: My next trip in Peru is going to be to Machu Picchu with my parents! I am excited to show them the beautiful history of the Incas!


A Whole New World!

As I arrived in Cusco, Peru, I noticed right away,

That it was hard to breathe, even on the first day.

Because of the altitude, approximately ten thousand feet,

I would walk about a mile and feel completely beat.


When I got to my house, I met my host sister and mom,

Considering she was housing two Americans, she seemed completely calm.

I went to greet her like they do in Peru,

With a kiss on the cheek and saying, “Hola, como estas tu?”


As I got settled, I got into a routine,

Breakfast, class, lunch, and dinner, as well as many things in between.


Many times when I went to class every day,

I would see seven or eight dogs who were astray.

They seemed well fed, as they were not thin,

But sadly, I could not pet them because they could have rabies or other diseases within.


Walking back from my classes, I have to cross a busy road,

With cars going by, none of them slow.

In the U.S. it is different in that the pedestrians go first,

But here, cars have the right-of-way, which is the worst.


Returning to my house I learned quite soon,

That lunch is their main meal, and not always served at noon.

With food piled high and a plate so big,

One meal even contained guinea pig.


Now here are some final lessons not to forget

If you come to Cusco, Peru so you do not need to fret:


The weather in Peru is one to take note.

In the wintertime, I only need a light coat.

Also, not very many people have an internal heater,

They also measure in centimeters.


When visiting a Peruvian restaurant, the waiter will ask,

If you want water with or without gas.

And when you are done eating and you have time to kill,

Don’t forget to ask the waiter for the bill.


Also, never fret if you have to wait,

For a Peruvian who is arriving late.

They will almost never be on time,

But don’t worry, they will show up sometime.


Now that you know about Cusco, Peru,

I hope it is a place that you would like to come to.

And always remember my most important advice,

Never drink out of the tap, or you will pay the price. 



The la calle cultura picture are picarones. These are amazing donuts made out of sweet potatoes and they are so good!



The Nature picture is at Lake Titicaca! It was beautiful and such a fun trip to go on!


"Everyone is scared to go at one point, but do not let that hold you back from going abroad. After living abroad for a week, you get used to how the town is run."