Sarah Lewis

Hometown: Andover, KS                            

Where did I Study Abroad:  A faculty-led trip to London, UK and Munich, Germany

Major:  Marketing

Favorite Foreign Food:  Apfelstrudel from Hofbrauhaus  

Favorite city/site visited while abroad:  My favorite site that I went to on this trip was to Neuschwanstein Castle outside of Munich. Before we went on the tour and arrived at the castle, we had time to tour the Germany countryside. It was absolutely beautiful and we got to see a lot of the smaller towns surrounding Munich. The hills were a lush green and the mountains peaked with snow. It was an absolutely gorgeous setting to be in!

Where is my next trip going to be to:  On another faculty-led trip to Florence, Rome, and Venice, Italy.


I chose to do a faculty-led study abroad trip because I wanted to be able to experience the world while still fitting in with a busy college schedule. The trip was a 10 day journey jam packed with touring and exploring Munich and London. I loved going on the faculty-led trip with my International Business class because I got to meet and travel with so many cool K-Staters that I would not have met otherwise. In fact, our class still hangs out now that we have returned back to school at K-State!

The faculty-led business trip was great too because our professor introduced us to some international businesses where we could network and understand the importance of a global mindset in business. A final item that I loved about the faculty-led trip was that perfect mix of structured agenda and extra free time to explore on our own. The professor wanted us to grow into independent individuals that would come back with greater confidence when traveling abroad.

                On this trip specifically, we got to explore London and Munich quite a bit. We visited Chelsea Soccer Stadium and received a personal tour, ate a traditional fish and chips dinner at Fullers Brewery, met with executives from Cerner to discuss global business, went on a bike-ride tour of Munich, toured Neuschwanstein Castle, and ate at some incredible, traditional German restaurants. The memories from this trip are endless, and each one of them was new and exciting! If you are debating on studying abroad for a full semester or not, trying a faculty-led trip is a great way to test the waters. Once you come back, you will want to find a way to study abroad as soon as you can!​




Europe 1


Europe 2




Advice for future study abroad students:

Studying abroad in another country gives you a great opportunity to understand and build relationships with locals and their culture! Instead of going to every single tourist sites or restaurants, ask the locals for some of the “hidden gems” that they know of. You will be surprised at the number of locals who are very receptive to students studying abroad and they love to tell about their favorite places to go. In fact, one of the best restaurants that I ate in in Munich was a traditional German hall that mainly locals know about!