Nathan McKinney

Hometown: Weskan, Kansas (Population:  167)

Where I studied abroad: Hyderabad, India (Population: 7 million)

Major:  Management

Favorite Foreign Food:  Chicken Schwarma

Favorite city/site visited while abroad: Little Donkey Restaurant, Kolkata, India

My next trip is going to be to:  Either Delhi, India or Mumbai, India 


Why I went To India: My fraternity (Delta Upsilon) is given a generous scholarship every year by KSU DU alum Paul Edgerley. This scholarship sends a DU to study abroad in an emerging economy around the world, chief among them being one of the BRIC countries. (Brazil, Russia, India, China) It was a tremendous opportunity for me personally, and also allowed me to fulfill course requirements for my International Business Certificate/South Asian Studies minor.

My Program and City Life:  I studied abroad through CIEE, and was among 11 other Americans who were studying in the program. The best aspect of my study abroad was actually getting to go experience the city. 8 of us would regularly go out, take an Uber or rickshaw, and go sample different restaurants in the area. If we tired of Indian food, we’d hit up Italian restaurants, KFC’s, Chili’s or Indian/Chinese buffets. By the end of semester, multiple students were making runs to Starbucks, after the first one in the city opened up on November 1st.

Cool Connection:  Due to a connection I made while in Hyderabad, I lived a total of about 8-10 days within the home of a well-known acting/producing family in Tollywood. (Indian Movie Industry) You can google my friend’s mom if you don’t think this quote is legit. (Jayasudha Kapoor)

Most Awkward Moment: Apparently there is a way you can (unknowingly) buy ice cream illegally in India. Who knew?

Favorite Illegal Ice Cream Flavor: Saffron and Rose

Where you can find out more on what a typical study abroad in India looks like: Check out this website --



I studied on a 2,000 acre gated campus on the outskirts of the new city. The campus itself was large enough to hold 3 lakes, a suburb-like area for workers, multiple shopping complexes, and the University itself.



India lives within two different extremes. This was in my city. State-of-the-Art construction in some areas, yet across the wall you’ll see street side shops where locals are selling products that will net them less than $5 a day.



Without a doubt one of the best places I went to. Kerala, India is known for is rolling valleys, sprawling tea plantations and backwaters.



At the most EMAW palace in India. Mysore Palace, Karnataka



While exploring cities in Northern or Southern India, you may come across scenes like this one.



This is the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, it was here that I ended my official study abroad story. What will yours be?



Advice for future study abroad students:

Semester-long study abroad’s in developing cities like Hyderabad are extremely challenging. However, they also give you an incredible depth of understanding, and allow you to experience a third world experience and a relatable first world experience, all in the same city. So if any of these aspects of appeal to you, consider going abroad into urban locales like this one.