Health Insurance

Information on health requirements and insurance can be found on the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) Health Insurance page.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students enrolled at Kansas State University, regardless of their course load.

Upon registering for courses each semester, all international students on F and J visas will be automatically enrolled for health insurance coverage with United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). The enrollment fee for this health insurance will be automatically assessed to each student’s K-State student account.

Student will have two options at this point:

  1. Students wanting to purchase the Basic International Student Plan through UHCSR will need to pay the enrollment fee through their iSIS account. ISSS will then provide enrollment information directly to UHCSR. Information about the United HealthCare Student Resources coverage can be found at
  2. Students wanting to use health insurance coverage from an alternative provider will need to submit a waiver form through their iSIS accounts. As long as the alternative plan's coverage meets or exceeds the minimum requirements set by the Kansas Board of Regents, the waiver will be approved and the enrollment fee on your tuition account will be removed. Waivers must be submitted prior to the deadline. Notifications are sent routinely to inform students of the deadlines. The list of minimum requirements are listed below.

ISEP Participant Note: All ISEP participants should complete the waiver request, since they automatically have sufficient international health insurance through ISEP.

The waiver will be available through your iSIS account as of August 1 for Fall semester and January 1 for Spring semester. It must be submitted prior to the 20th day of classes each semester in order to have the health insurance charge removed from your tuition bill. Additional information about the waiver process is listed below.

To access the Health Insurance Waiver form:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your eID and password.
  3. On the left-hand menu select Self Service.
  4. Then click on Student Center.
  5. Here you will see three sections: Academics, Finances and Personal Information.  The waiver form is located in the drop down box in the Finances Section.  Select the Insurance Waiver form and then click the double arrow button.
  6. Complete the waiver form entirely.
  7. Click submit once you have finished.

The Insurance Coordinator will review your form and if approved, the insurance charge will be removed within 5 business days. If your waiver is denied, you will receive notification of the denial and the charge will remain on your account. If you do not see the adjustment of the fee on your account or receive an email from the Insurance Coordinator, you should contact prior to the waiver deadline.

You must complete the waiver form at the beginning of every semester.