Timeline for Program Development

This is the ideal timeline for a faculty-led program: 18 months start to finish:

Approval Process: 18 months in advance of program departure

  • Faculty Leader (FL) reviews the three Faculty Leader Handbooks (available on the Study Abroad Office Website)
  • FL assesses the need for a program and the potential for sufficient enrollments.
  • FL informs the Study Abroad Advisor (SAA) for their college in the Study Abroad Office and their College Dean or Department Head of the interest in faculty-led programming and receives introductory materials.
  • FL develops a planning timeline.
  • FL drafts proposal materials (including preliminary budget estimates) with assistance from FSC.
  • FL participates in the mandatory Faculty Leader Workshop conducted by the Study Abroad Office

Development Process: 12-16 months in advance of program departure

  • Faculty Leaders (FL) submits finalized program proposal materials (including finalized budgets) to the SAA. 
  • FL submits finalized program provider contract to the Study Abroad Office for review by the Office of General Counsel.
  • SAA and FL finalize a student payment plan.
  • SAA will notify FL when the program proposal has been approved.
  • SAA completes Division of Continuing Education (DCE) course information sheet, which is then submitted to DCE for approval. Once DCE approves the course, it will be posted on the K-State website.
  • SAA and FL develop a marketing plan.

Recruitment Process: 6-12 months in advance of program departure

  • SAA assists Faculty Leaders (FL) with program promotion through a program brochure, website announcement, and the annual Study Abroad Fair. 
  • FL coordinates classroom visits, information sessions, department listserv announcements, brochure distribution, etc.
  • Students submit application along with their first program payment to the Study Abroad Program (304 Fairchild Hall).
  • Non-K-State students who wish to participate in the program may apply to K-State as non-degree students.
  • SAA will notify FL via e-mail when the DCE course has been officially set-up
  • All students should obtain passports.

Student Logistics: 3-6 months in advance of program departure

  • Faculty-Led Accountant (FLA) monitors student payments and notifies the FSC, FL and students of outstanding balances.
  • Students submit second program payment to Study Abroad Office.
  • If applicable, Third Party Program Provider (TPPP) invoices the Study Abroad Office for program costs. FLA utilizes student program fees to make payments on behalf of the group.
  • SAA creates student cost sheets, which are uploaded to the student online application. Once a signed copy is returned to the Study Abroad Office, a copy is sent to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.
  • FL instructs students to make travel arrangements independently or, if group travel is arranged, to purchase tickets on schedule with group travel agent.
  • Students contact the Lafene Travel Clinic or their personal doctors to share health concerns and to request information on immunizations. Students should obtain immunizations as prescribed by medical professional.
  • FLA or SAA notifies students when they can enroll and provides course information.
  • Students enroll via ISIS in study abroad course. Students enroll in the Modern Languages Placeholder Course (if applicable)
  • FL holds program pre-departure classes and orientations
  • Students meet with Dyan Marie, Research Analyst in the Office of Student Financial Assistance to discuss their financial aid options.
  • Students apply for Office of International Programs Scholarship.
  • Students individually register their travel with the U.S. Department of State. 

Faculty Logistics: 1-2 months in advance of program departure

  • Faculty Leader (FL) confirms all arrangements and reservations
  • Balance of student program fees due to the Study Abroad Office - these must be collected no less than 2 months before departure.
  • FL requests travel advance from Faculty-Led Accountant (FLA)
  • FL registers his/her travel with the U.S. Department of State.
  • FL identifies emergency locations and telephone numbers that may be needed while abroad (i.e. U.S. Embassy, police, hospitals, doctor offices, pharmacies, etc.)
  • FL holds a pre-departure orientation for all student participants (in conjunction with Study Abroad Office staff).
  • FL gives itinerary to student participants.
  • FL shares all final details with the Study Abroad Office (i.e., host family contact information and student placement, host country emergency contact information, final itinerary and flight plans, etc.). 

Last Minute Procedures: 1-2 weeks in advance of program departure

  • FL submits all final program details to the Study Abroad Office. This includes the flight schedule, program itinerary, emergency contact information for the faculty leader, contact information for host country accommodation, etc.
  • FL obtains cash advance from Faculty-Led Accountant (FLA).
  • FL and students register with the U.S. Department of State.
  • Students pay tuition/fees to K-State via ISIS.

Program Takes Place

  • SAA  remains in contact with Faculty Leader (FL) throughout the program. SAA and the Director of Study Abroad are available to assist with problems and crisis management.
  • FL meets regularly with the group to help participants process and monitor their experience.
  • FL tracks expenses appropriately, ensure that budgets are being followed.
  • FL documents any complaints or incidents involving the participants. Ensures that complaints are investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

Program Concludes: 1-30 days after conclusion of program

  • Grades are due on ISIS approximately one week after the last day of the course.
  • FL hosts debriefing session for students.
  • Faculty Leader (FL) submits receipts and travel expense log to Faculty-Led Accountant no more than 30 days after the end of travel.

Program Evaluation Process: 1-3 months after conclusion of program

  • Students complete the K-State Study Abroad Program’s electronic evaluation for faculty-led study abroad programs (administered by the Study Abroad Program)
  • Faculty Leader (FL) completes a short program evaluation (administered by the Study Abroad Program)
  • Students are encouraged to join Study Abroad Mentors, International Buddies, and other programs coordinated by the Study Abroad Program.