Lead Students Abroad

We are glad you are interested in offering a faculty-led program! These opportunities can be a very rewarding experience not only for the students, but for the faculty leader as well. The following steps and pages provide information you will use to move forward as you develop your program. Please contact your college dean and the Study Abroad Advisor for your college, as soon as you begin thinking about developing a program. 

Workshops and Deadlines

The Study Abroad Office will hold a Faculty Leader Workshop for all new faculty leaders and assistants. It is a one-time required meeting where staff from General Counsel, Student Services, Counseling Services and Student Access Center will speak about topics related to leading a faculty-led program. The proposal deadlines are based on the term the course credit is awarded for the program. Proposals are due the year before the program will run.

Partner with the Study Abroad Office

After meeting with your college dean, it is encouraged that you contact the Study Abroad Advisor for your college. The Study Abroad Office will provide departments and faculty with assistance and support during all phases of program development and implementation. 

Plan a Successful Program

Resources such as a suggested timeline for program development, hallmarks of a program, and faculty leader handbooks. 

Review Third-Party Program Providers

Need some assistance with planning the logistics in the host country? Find out how a Third-Party Program Provider or Exchange Partner Universities can help you with planning your program. 

Submit a Proposal

Once you have decided to develop a program, it's time to being filling out the paperwork! Proposal instructions are posted to assist you while completing the proposal materials. Don't forget -- the Study Abroad Advisor for your college can assist you with this process! 

Actively Recruit Students

After the program has been officially approved by the Study Abroad Office, it is important to use multiple methods of recruiting students. 


It is important to be familiar with the policies related to students studying abroad and faculty-led programs. 

Other Resources

Additional resources, such as Advising Study Abroad Students, Funding, Health & Safety, and Development Opportunities,  can be found on the left-side menu.

Faculty-Led Program Proposal
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