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Study Abroad Mentors

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SAM focuses on working with incoming exchange students, helps prepare outgoing students, connects with prospective students, plans and participates in many campus-wide events, helps organize a photo contest, promotes studying abroad, plans fundraisers, and plans and participates in community service events that help educate and bring people together for the sake of improving our world!

Study Abroad Mentors (SAM) is a volunteer-based group consisting of students who have returned from a study abroad experience, are looking for a study abroad experience, are international or exchange students at Kansas State, or are incoming exchange students who wish to work with the Study Abroad Office to promote international education through educational, fundraising, and community service events on campus and within the community.  They will also share their unique experiences with prospective students, campus personnel, and the surrounding community. 


We are located in the Study Abroad Office in 304 Fairchild Hall. You can also follow us on Facebook at Study Abroad Mentors.


SAM Members

Any K-State student with an interest in studying abroad, connecting with other returnees (because no one understands re-entry like you do), or socializing in a mixture of U.S. and exchange students. You can join at any time during the year. 


To join, email SAM at overseas@ksu.edu and we will add you to our listserv, where we send out information for meetings, events, etc.  This information will also be on our Facebook!


All general meetings are held in the Study Abroad Office, 304 Fairchild Hall.  SAM has general meetings monthly.

SAM will usually have one dinner and one activity each month, in addition to general meetings.  The dinner tends to be at an international restaurant in the area (purchasing food not required) and is a laid-back, social event.  The activities vary.

During our general meetings, we will discuss and coordinate social events, service activities, and trips.  Our past events have included bowling and skating nights, pumpkin carving, and raffles for international students.  We also join forces with International Coordinating Council for many of their great events!  Check out our Facebook for photos!

All other events and information will be posted on our Facebook, emailed out over the listserv (see above for how to join), and announced at general meetings.

How much?

Membership is FREE!


Faculty Advisor: Doug MacMillan (Study Abroad Advisors & Incoming Exchange Student Coordinator), dgmacmillan@ksu.edu


Upcoming Meetings