Guard Your Stuff from Theft

You wouldn’t want to live without your computer, iPod, and other valuables. Here are some smart ways to protect them:

• Don’t store all your valuables in the same place. Make anyone who wants your stuff search for it.

• Keep your room and vehicle locked when moving in. The beginnings and endings of semesters are prime times for theft.

• Engrave valuable items—like your laptop or bike—with your driver’s license number so police can track them.

• Change your locks if you lose a key.

• Use “we are unable to come to the phone right now” on your outgoing voice message. Never reveal that you’re not at home or live alone.

• Never open the door to strangers. Ask their identity if you don’t know them.

• Ask for ID from repair and utility workers. Call your landlord or residence hall frond desk to verify any unexpected visit.

• Obtain renter’s insurance. Check with your family insurance agent to see if the contents of your apartment, house, or residence hall room are already covered under your family policy.

• If you have expensive computers, cameras, jewelry, and other expensive items, make sure the renter’s insurance covers their full value. You may have to add something extra to a basic policy.

• Make a written list or photo CD of your valuables. Keep it in a safe deposit box or fireproof box.

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