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Since 1976 Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Literature has appeared twice a year (winter and summer) with articles written in English on literature in French, German, Russian and Spanish. The journal began aa project of the faculty in Modern Languages who made personal donations and shared responsibilities associated with mailing  and handling in order to maintain the viability of the journal during the most critical time of its development. ST&TCL is devoted to literary theory and practical criticism in the modern languages, and special editions are dedicated to one language or theme.

Many acclaimed literary critics and theoreticians have appeared in ST&TCL in the last thirty years and the following outstanding guest editors have organized and contributed to special issues: Lynn A. Higgins, Maria-Regina Kecht,  Jill Robbins, Roberta Johnson, Stephen Brockmann, Martine Antle, Dominique Fisher, Charles Tatum,  Helena Goscilo, Anne Donadey, et al., Sander L. Gilman, James Rolleston, Adelaida López de Martínez, Donald Shaw, Philip Goldstein,  Laurie Edson,  Andrew P. Debicki,  Claire L. Dehon, Jean Franco, Richard Stamelman,  Eric Gould,  Ranier Nägele,  Clive Thomson ,  James K. Lyon, Howard T. Young,  Nomi Tamir-Ghez,  Betty R. McGraw, Steven Ungar,  Monique Chefdor, and Jay Bochner. Likewise, the editorial advisory council includes esteemed authors, critics, and theoreticians in French, German, Russian, Spanish and Comparative Literature.

Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Literature is published by a nonprofit corporation with support from Kansas State University.

This journal is a member of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals

Pfade durch die Zeit und eine Reihe von Kreuzungen schaffen eine Geschichte.
Aus dieser Geschichte entsteht die Menschheitsgeschichte.
Aus dieser wiederum entstehst du.

Los senderos del tiempo y del espacio se entrecruzan para crear una historia.
Esa historia lleva a la creación de la Historia.
La Historia te crea a ti.

Les sentiers du temps et une série de traversées mènent à la création d'une histoire.
L'histoire mène à l'élaboration de l'Histoire.
L'Histoire vous crée.