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Kansas State University

Core Values


Smith Scholarship House is self-governing. Elected officers manage all of the necessary functions including financial planning and the mediation of any conflicts.

This arrangement has proven successful in past years and has helped to create a unique sense of responsibility. Advice and counsel on internal affairs are available from the Executive Director, but the Smith Scholars are given as much responsibility as possible.

The House Constitution and Cooperative Code outline meeting procedures, job descriptions of various officers and chairmen, and the mediation of conflicts. Elections are held each semester to give every resident a chance to assume leadership roles. Residents are able to apply for leadership positions after having lived in Smith for one semester.


An emphasis on high scholastic standards is fundamental to the Smith Scholars Program. In the past, Smith has frequently placed first among the top living groups for collective grade point average. You will be required to have a 2.7 GPA to enter and remain in the program.

Our scholarship chairman heads a committee which would help you maintain the house GPA requirement. The committee can advise you on class selection and inform you of academic deadlines. It also maintains the test files and reference library, while coordinating academic workshops and seminars to help Smith Scholars improve their skills.

To promote a conductive studying environment, excessive noise is prohibited during quiet hours, (7PM to 7AM, Sunday through Thursday). During finals week, quiet hours are extended to 23 hours per day. During the hour break, Scholars are given the opportunity to release excess energy and are offered snacks provided by the Scholarship Committee to help with late-night studying.


The house is notable for its diversity and we are always looking for unique individuals with which to enrich our ranks. Student majors vary from Architecture to various types of engineering, Microbiology, Pre-Vet, and Pre-Law. Racial and cultural diversity also thrive!

Our Spiritual Freedoms Policy guarantees that each resident has the right to be an individual. We accept men from all cultures and religions.