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Download an Application

It's very easy to apply to the Smith Scholars Program. Just download an application in the .pdf format using the link above or call (785) 537-0042 or (785) 250-1490 to request an application be mailed to you. After applying, we encourage you to visit at your convenience. During your visit, our New Man Selection Committee will give you a tour of Smith Scholarship House and interview you.

We make no final decisions about accepting your application until after an interview. We will notify you of your status by April 1st at the latest. However, we are able to deliver the result of your application sooner if the schedule of the New Man Selection Committee allows.

Do not be afraid if you think that GPA or ACT score is not high enough. We also consider your personality, enthusiasm about the program, past achievements, future goals, and any specific qualities that you can contribute to make Smith House a great place to live for all residents.


Smith Scholarship House is conveniently located only three blocks off of the K-State Campus at the corner of 17th and Fairview (331 N. 17th St.). It is very convenient for the residents to walk or bike to their classes. In fact, most classes can be reached by walking in fifteen minutes or less!

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