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Kansas State University


Cooperative System

Smith Scholarship House operates under a cooperative system. Residents are expected to share cooking, housekeeping, and governing duties. Smith Scholars strive for unity by helping each other with house duties, homework, house events, and university/community activities. The House Manager and Kitchen Manager, part-time employees of Smith House, will assign duties to fit each resident's schedule and part-time jobs. Your duties will total only five to seven hours per week and may include cooking and/or cleaning tasks.

The operation of the house is mostly the responsibility of its residents. We have voluntary committees such as the Social Committee, Community Service Committee, and the Fundraising Committee who each work to improve the Smith Scholars Program.

Smith House has an Executive Director, Anneliese Snyder, who lives in an apartment on the ground floor and provides counseling and guidance for smooth operation of the house. The executive director and managers are hired by the Smith Alumni Association, which has governed the house since 1984.

    Executive Director
    Anneliese Snyder


A professional dietician is hired by the Smith House Alumni Association to plan meals and order food. The Kitchen Manager, a Smith House part-time employee, is also hired to ensure that meals are prepared and served effectively. The residents, in crews of 2-4, prepare and serve the meals.

Smith House residents eat well and learn first-hand about cooking, a necessary skill for life after college. Three meals are served per day throughout the week, and lunch is served on the weekends. Smith House is the only group organization who serves a hot breakfast each weekday. Residents can go out for dinner on Saturday and Sunday evenings or can prepare something in the kitchen on their own - a benefit not found in the residence halls. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven to allow residents to warm up late plates saved for them when they can't eat at scheduled meal times.

Study Rooms

Smith House has ten study rooms throughout the house, holding two to four men each. Study Rooms are where Smith Scholars keep their personal belongings, study, watch television, etc. Each room is supplied with Ethernet (100Mbps) and cable television jacks.

Room assignments are made each semester by the President and House Manager, and residents are allowed to request roommates and/or room locations. Residents are also provided the opportunity to request a room change midway through the academic year.

All the men sleep in bunks in the third floor sleeping dorm, which had heating installed in Fall 2006.


The house has received two HP computers from Hewlett Packard, Smith alumni, and supporters. The house recently purchased a house server to improve the connectivity of the Smith Scholars. Residents are also able to use the house's color laser printer free of charge. House software programs include Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2007. All Smithies are also allowed connection to the recently purchased server, which runs Windows 7 and contains all the most updated versions of Microsoft Office programs. In addition to the house computers, each study room includes 100Mbps Ethernet jacks for all Smith Scholars. The Computer Administrator maintains the house computers and internet connections, while also being available to residents who have computer related issues.


Orientation week involves various activities which acquaint new scholars with Smith House, K-State, and Manhattan before classes begin. The week begins with the "New Men" going on a scavenger hunt, and the activities culminate with the Old Man-New Man football game, which the New Men have never won. "New Man" is a term used only to designate a scholar's first week in the house; after orientation week, this distinguishing label is no longer used.

The house does NOT have a counterpart to the fraternal pledge system nor does it practice hazing, which is prohibited by the university for all organizations.