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Kansas State University


The cost to live at Smith Scholarship House will be $4,600 per YEAR for the 2014-15 school year - a significant savings over all other living options at K-State! Furthermore, this rate will be locked for the remainder of your years at Smith Scholarship House.

Dr. L Irene Putnam, who established the house in 1958 in memory of her brother, Maitland E. Smith, stipulated that Smith residents would be charged only for the actual costs of operation and maintenance of the house. The Smith Alumni Association, the organization that has run Smith since 1984, does not charge the residents its own administrative costs. It subsists on alumni donations and other fundraising efforts.

Smith Scholars pay only for their food, utilities, insurance on the building, employees' salaries, and programming funds. The only other charges above room and board payments are souvenirs of program activities and fines for damages. Computation of these charges and receipt of payments is handled by the House Treasurer, a Smith House employee. Newly purchased commercial washers and dryers are available to residents free of charge.