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Smith Scholarship House continues to be a vibrant organization that continually changes the lives of college students every school year. Smith House Alumni and other generous supporters are some of the biggest reasons why Smith House continues to have this incredible impact after more than fifty years of existence. Your continuing support has been greatly appreciated.

Smith House Alumni Board

The Smith Alumni Board is charged with overseeing both the Alumni Association and Smith Scholarship House. Click here to see the current list of board members.

Click here for Smith Scholarship House Alumni Association's by-laws.

Click here for the Operations Meeting Minutes.

Current Events

A copy of the Constitution is always a handy tool to have.

A full list of our house events can be found on our recently updated calendar.

Connect with your fellow Smith House Alumni

Smith Alumnus Jeremy Cox has created a Web Forum for all Smith Alumni to keep in touch. You can find it here.

Smith Alumnus Shawn Turner has created a Facebook group for the Smith Alumni Association. To join the group, please contact Shawn Turner on Facebook.

Stay in the Loop

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You can hear the latest news about Smith Scholarship House and the Smith House Alumni Association by providing us with your contact information. Click here to complete our short questionnaire.

Contact Us

Click here to submit your information and we will get back to you.

Future Alumni Events


Smith House Year Books

Want to relive your days in Smith Scholarship House? Interested in how Smith Scholarship House has changed over time? Browse through the virtual Smith House Photo Albums.

Soon to be posted:
50th Anniversary Event
1988 Yearbook

Have some pictures of yourself or your fellow Smith House Alumni enjoying a good (and appropriate) time at Smith House, playing sports, studying or just hanging out? Send them to the webmaster and we'll add them to the gallery!

Smith Scholarship House Improvements

Over the years, the Smith Alumni Association continues to exist because of the generous financial contributions from generous individuals. These contributions have also helped improve Smith House over the years. We would like to thank you for your support!

Past Smith Scholarship House Projects


Smith Scholarship House is still making an impact because individuals over the years were willing to contribute their resources to the organization. We would like to thank you again for your continuing support.

Want to know how to give? Click here.

What to partner with the Smith Scholarship House organization? See what opportunities exist to partner with us, by clicking here.