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Kansas State University



Communicating and interacting with people is a valuable skill that is developed at Smith Scholarship House. The social chairman and the social committee plan and coordinate several functions throughout the year to get house members involved with the various women's organizations ( Smurthwaite and Clovia Scholarship Houses), as well as the rest of campus.

These functions range from exchange dinners and Christmas parties to movie marathon parties, dances, and an annual formal. Smith House is a DRY house, and thus no alcohol or containers are allowed on the premises. Smith House also has a No Tobacco policy.

The parents can also get involved with the Family Weekend events held at the house, and the men also have a chance to attend Christmas Tea in the fall and the Smith-Smurthwaite Formal in the spring.


Smith Scholarship House has a long-standing tradition of excellence in intramural athletics. Smith House participates in team events such as football, basketball, volleyball, and softball, as well as many other individual events. Smith House has taken the All-University Independent Intramural Title for most cumulative points in 1987-88, 1988-89, 1992-93, 1993-94, 2006-07, and 2011-12.

Smith men regularly head out to the Recreation Complex, located three blocks north of campus, to indulge in basketball, racquetball, or even swimming at the Natatorium. For stress relief, many Smith Scholars enjoy jogging around town, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or throwing a football or baseball around.

The entry fees for intramural activities are included each resident's rent payment. The Intramural Chairman informs the Smith House teams of upcoming deadlines at the Peters Recreation Center, posts team schedules and standings, and orders the annual intramural t-shirts. He also has a delegated committee that sponsors all sporting activities during the school year.

University/Community Involvement

A Smith Scholar who restricts his activities to what happens in the house will have a very limited view of the world. All Smith Scholars are encouraged to get involved in some campus organization, community project, or charity.

Our University Representative keeps residents informed of happenings on campus, around Manhattan, and in Student Government. The Community Service Chairman, with the aid of his committee, plans and carries out at least one community service project each semester.

At Halloween, Smith House residents participate in the Smurthwaite/Clovia Halloween Auction, where they are made costumes by the girls and then go trick-or-treating to collect non-perishable food items for the Flint Hills Breadbasket.


As a Smith Scholar, you'll have opportunities to participate in the many concerts, lectures, and theater productions regularly presented on campus. You'll have access to free season tickets to events in Nichols Theater and select tickets to McCain Auditorium, Purple Masque Theater, and the Little Theater. Past events have included Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof, Kansas, Gallic Storm, and Cantus. In 1985, Mrs. Ila King donated $5000 to establish a trust fund for Smith Scholarship House. The interest from the fund is used to help purchase season tickets to cultural events.

Throughout the year, distinguished guests are invited to attend dinner and give informal presentations on various topics. Deans of various colleges, cultural experts, and university/community leaders are some of the guests you could meet.