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Recent Improvements

Capital Improvement Projects

In recent years, the Smith House Alumni Board has realized that the antiquated wiring in Smith Scholarship House desperately needs to be replaced. Therefore, the Smith Alumni Association has used the generous contributions from Smith House supporters and partnered with Smith Scholarship House in effort to replace Smith House’s wiring while also improving the interior appearance of the house. The details of the first two phases of the capital project are outlined below.

Phase#1—First Floor Public Area (Completed Summer of 2009)

The Smith House Alumni Board and Smith Scholarship House began the capital projects on the first floor of Smith Scholarship House. A local contractor and his crew ripped out the plaster walls in the family room, television room, and hallway. They strengthened a load-bearing wall and installed new dry wall.

An electrician rewired these areas and also added modern amenities such as Ethernet and cable ports. Even with all these new improvements, the remodeling crew was able to reinstall the trim in these rooms to maintain some of the old Smith House look.

Phase#2—First Floor 101 and Executive Director’s Living Area (Completed Fall 2011)

The next phase consisted of remodeling the room 101 and the Executive Director’s apartment, both located on the first floor. As in phase #1, a local contractor and his crew ripped out the plaster walls in room 101 and the Executive Director’s apartment. During this construction process, the Executive Director’s apartment and room 101 essentially switched places. This change was made in order to provide a better living area for the Executive Director.

An electrician rewired both of these areas with new wiring. Durable fixtures were installed in both the Executive Director’s apartment and Room 101. Despite several setbacks, the project was completed in Fall 2011.

New Furniture

Thanks in part to your generous contributions, Smith House was recently able to purchase brand new furniture for the living room. As you may have been aware, the previous Smith House furniture was about 20 years old and much in need of replacement. Thank you to those of you who contributed. Check out the pictures of our new living room!