Literature Connections:

Rain by Manya Stojic

Mathematical Strand:

Algebraic Thinking/Pattern


Students will find patterns and be able to draw and describe them

Grade Level:

1st Grade

Lesson created by:

Lina Guebert,1st Grade Teacher, Theodore Roosevelt Elem., Manhattan, KS

Lesson Description:


  • Book is Rain by Manya Stojic; This story is a circle story. p(I had 10 copies of the book for students to share as partners as they worked on their patterns) drawing paper for students, colors, Large piece of drawing paper to use as a model, markers.

1. Launching the lesson (engage)

  1. I began by using this as a reading selection for first grade, so I introduced the book by doing a picture walk, I read the story, we talked about the pictures and worked on vocabulary. Then next day we echo read the story. ( I read, they read) and then then they read it in partners. I asked them to look for patterns.
  2. I brought them together and we talked about the patterns they saw.
  3. Students noted the animal pattern, (Started with the porcupine, ended with the porcupine)and the word patterns. Then one student noted the setting pattern, so that is the one I drew. Children had copies of the book and noted when the setting changed, and told me what to draw.
  4. I drew the following: Red soil that was cracked, lightening and thunder, rain drops, rain downpour, lush green ground, trees with big green leaves, squelchy mud, I added fruit to the trees, watering hole, plants dying, grass drying, red soil that was hot and dry and cracked. The pattern was complete.

2. Developing the Lesson:

  1. I asked children to work with a partner and chose another pattern they found that went in a circle. I asked them to draw that pattern on circles that I had draw for them ahead of time. We talked about arranging the pictures and leaving space between them to form the circle pattern.
  2. Children found the animal pattern, the weather pattern, and the word patterns, which they drew.

3. Closure/Discussion/Elaboration

  1. Children shared their patterns as we sat in a circle and went around it, just like the story.
  2. The following day I shared the big book, If You Gave A Mouse A Cookie and they drew the circle pattern as we worked in a group.
  3. During the writing block, I asked them to make up their own circle stories using topics: If you a gave a first grader a cookie, or If you gave a first grader a puppy, or if you gave a first grader a flower.
  4. We talked about beginnings and endings so they would decide first how their story was going to end to make it a circle story. This was very difficult for most, and they often came up with silly endings that did not fit the story. I would not do this part with all of my students next year, but would do it as an extension for the children who need something more challenging. The children who are good problem solvers did come up with good stories.

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