Literature Connections:

Little Number Stories by Tozanne Lanczak Williams

Mathematical Strand:

Number Sense


Number sense and computation through concrete and semi-concrete methods.

Grade Level:

1st Grade

Lesson created by:

Lina Guebert,1st Grade Teacher, Theodore Roosevelt Elem., Manhattan, KS

Lesson Description:


  • Little Number Stories by Tozanne Lanczak Williams, unifix cubes, math mat, vis-a-vis pen.

1. Launching the Lesson:

  1. Read the story and discuss each page.
  2. As a class, make up some problems of our own that would add to ten.

2. Developing the Lesson:

  1. Ask one of the children to give me an addition fact. Write it on the board.
  2. Ask if any other numbers can add up to the same answer they just gave me, repeat this step several times.
  3. Setting out two colors of unifix cubes, ask any of the children if they could show what one of the problems might look like if they used the cubes to act it out, repeat 4 or 5 times.
  4. After they share their ideas for the class several times, ask if someone would like to write the unifix cube problem using numbers.
  5. Hand out the math mats. Each child get a bag of unifix cubes (two colors) and a vis-a-vis pen.
  6. Ask the children to come up with two different numbers that will add up to 10. Show them using the unifix cubes. Then have them write the problem using numbers in the mat space. Make a new problem until all six spaces are filled up. Try to make six different problems if you can.

3. Closure/Discussion

  1. Let the children share a problem they made and how they acted it out. Let the student write their problem on the board.

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