Literature Connection:

Measuring Penny by Loren Leedy

Mathematical Strand:



Students will increase awareness of the variety of ways available to measure.

Grade Level:


Lesson Created by:

Tracy Tauschek, Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Manhattan, KS

Lesson Description:


  • Measuring Penny, paper, pencils

1. Launching the Lesson

  1. Read the book Measuring Penny. Instruct students to listen for the different ways you can measure.
  2. Have students retell some of the ways Penny was measured. Talk about if the kinds of units used.

2. Developing the Lesson

  1. Tell the student their assignment is also to measure something in as many ways as possible and be creative! The measuring should be done at home. Use the class time to brainstorm things that you could measure. You may want measure more than one thing. Once they have picked an item they need to list all the ways they could measure the item at home.
  2. Students may have really great ideas of their own! I left his time for them to clear ideas they had with me.

3. Closure/Discussion/Elaboration

  1. Students shared their measurements with the class. The class was able to ask questions.

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