Literature Connection:

What's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah? By Robert E. Wells

Mathematical Strand:

Data and Probability


Students will be able to read a graph, perform mathematical calculations, and display information in a new graph

Grade Level:

6-8 (SPED)

Lesson Created by:

Natasha Kelly, Fort Riley Middle School, Fort Riley, Kansas

Lesson Description

1. Launching the lesson:

  • Tell students to pay attention to detail and sequence of events. I tell my classes if they can remember without me looking in the book then each student gets a piece of candy. Then read the book. Hand out the graphic organizer (I used a train with railroad in front.) and have the students complete the title and author. Then have them fill in the animals/object in order and their speed.

2. Closure/Discussion/Elaboration:

  • Afterwards, discuss the graph at the end of the book. Have students take the data on their graphic organizer and create a graph showing the distance each item would go in 1 minute or any increment of time. Encourage them to be creative with their graphs.

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