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Among the Odds and Evens: A Tale of Adventure by Pricilla Turner

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Students will formulate the pattern that the sum of two even numbers is even, the sum of two odd numbers is even, and that the sum of and even and odd number is odd.

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Toni Haddock, Eugene Field Elementary, Manhattan, KS

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  • Among the Odds and Evens: A Tale of Adventure by Pricilla Turner, notebook paper, overhead projector and blank transparency, drawing paper

1. Launching the Lesson (engage): Read the story to the class. Be sure to show pictures of X and Y. As you read write important words on the board such as the Land of Wontoo, Numeris Mountains, Even-tempered, quite odd, Evens have only even, Odds have only evens, Odd and evens have odds.

2. Developing the Lesson: Ask students, in groups of two, to come up with a list of odd dads and mom and their offspring, then a list of even dads and moms and their offspring. Then they can make a list of odd dads and even moms and their offspring, then odd moms and even dads and their offspring. Come together as a class and make a list on the overhead projector. Discuss patterns.

3. Closure/ Discussion/ Elaboration: Allow time for each student to draw a picture of a family from the Land of Wontoo. Put together as Our Book of Odds and Evens.

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