Literature Connection:

YIKES! Your Body Up Close by Mike Janulewicz

Mathematical Strand:

Data Analysis and Probability


The students will analyze data from their class with the help of Venn Diagrams.

Grade Level:


Lesson Created by:

Debbie Sylvester and Pat Crosby, Ft. Riley Middle School, Ft. Riley, KS

Lesson Description:

Materials: Book:

  • YIKES! Your Body Up Close by Mike Janulewicz designed by Mike Jolley.
  • Other Resources: Blank paper, pencil, sticky notes, chalkboard or whiteboard

1. Launching the lesson – On the board is a Venn diagram with the following regions: Broken Bone and Sprain. Give each student a sticky note and have them write their name on it. Ask the students to predict the results of the activity. Direct them to place their note on the appropriate region of a Venn diagram. Have the students discuss the diagram after it is completed. What does this tell us about our class?

2. Read the book (leaving out the page with head lice). Group the students in pairs to brainstorm ideas for other topics to group in the Venn Diagram format. (Hair color, eye color, etc.) Select one (or more as time permits) and ask the students to relocate their sticky note for the new categories.

3. Have each student write a summary of the data and what they learned from this exercise.


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