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Annual General Meeting

SLSA annual general meeting was held on 06'th September 2011 at Fiedler Hall, Room 0088
New officers were elected.

New Comers' Welcome Party

A Welcome Party for new comers was held on 21'st of Augest 2011 at Tuttle Creek.


SLSA organized a Vesak Lantern festival at the Jardine Outlook.

Lecture: Meditation for Day-to-Day Life

SLSA and SGA are presented a lecture by Ven. Yatinuwara Sankichcha titled "Meditation for Day-to-Day Life: Avoiding and Overcoming Depression Without Medication" at 5 p.m. Friday in Forum Hall.
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New Year Celebrations

Sri Lankan New Year was celebrated at Lawrence, KS with a day long event filled with fun, food and games, followed by a dinner party.

2011-04-09 to 2011-04-17
International Week

SLSA also participated in the Cultural exibition, Fashion Show and the Talent Show.
SLSA won 3 awards for Best Table at the Cultural Exibition, Most Active International Organization and Best Song at the International Talent Show.