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Recreation Complex South Student Only Parking Lot

South Parking LotThe parking lot to the south of the Rec Complex is free 2.5 hour parking for students assessed the campus privilege fee. The parking lot is accessed by swiping a Wildcat ID card. Violations of the 2.5 hour parking rule will result in a $10 charge assessed to the student’s iSIS account.

Physically disabled accessible spaces are available in the south parking lot for students. Vehicles parked in physically disabled accessible spaces must display a medical permit.

K-State Student Government Association (SGA) maintains the student only parking lot. Concerns about this lot and appeals of charges should be directed to SGA at 785-532-6541 or sga@k-state.edu.


Appeals form for fines received in the Recreation Complex South Parking Lot

Form to report a disabled vehicle in the Recreation Complex South Parking Lot (please save and include with your appeal form if appropriate.)

An appeals form must be submitted online via OrgSync by the fourteenth (14th) day after the violation occurs. The South Lot Appeals Board (SLAB) may uphold or dismiss the violation. Paid tickets may not be appealed. Appeals made after fourteen days (14) from the date of the violation will not be accepted.

All decision of the SLAB are final.

All penalties must be paid within fourteen (14) days following the decisions of the SLAB.