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Student Governing Association

Summer Privilege Fee - 2015


A K-State Student on the Manhattan campus taking classes in the Summer session

Campus Privilege Fees
1st Credit HourEach Hour After 1st Credit Hour6 or More Credit Hours
Campus Entertainment Fund.45.211.48
Fine Arts.98.443.18
K-State Student Union** 11.835.3438.53
K-State Student Union Program Council.64.292.10
Student Health Services15.186.8649.46
Library Expansion1.06.483.45
Office of Student Activities and Services1.90.866.18
Recreational Services**9.014.0729.34
Sports Clubs Activity Fee.17.08.56
Student Activity.58.261.90
Student Publications1.20.543.90
University Counseling Services2.02.916.58