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Student Governing Association

Fall and Spring Privilege Fee - 2014-15


A K-State Student on the Manhattan campus taking classes in the Fall or Spring sessions:

Campus Privilege Fees
1st Credit HourEach Hour After 1st Credit Hour12 or More Credit Hours
Campus Entertainment Fund.91.273.89
Fine Arts1.96.588.36
K-State Student Union** 23.707.05101.25
K-State Student Union Program Council1.28.385.47


Student Health Services30.429.05129.96
Library Expansion2.12.639.07
Office of Student Activities and Services3.801.1316.25
Recreational Services**18.045.3777.09
Sports Clubs Activity Fee.35.101.48
Student Activity2.25.679.63
Student Publications2.40.7110.24
University Counseling Services4.051.2017.29