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Student Governing Association

Chief of Staff

Andy Hurtig PortraitAndy Hurtig

Junior - Regional and Community Planning; Leadership Studies and Economics Minors - Wichita, KS


The Chief of Staff attends Student Senate meetings, coordinates the activities of Cabinet, chairs Cabinet meetings, serves as an advisor to Cabinet members, conducts communication between the Student Body President, Vice President, and Cabinet members.

International Affairs Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitYouwei Yang

Sophomore - Agricultural Economics - Jintai, Gansu, China


The International Affairs Director represents the interests and concerns of international students to the Student Body President, Vice President, and Cabinet. Special focus should be on working with University Administration, the International Programs office, and the International Student Center to increase International relations. The director will also work and attend International Coordinating Council meetings and International student groups, to ensure International student concerns are being appropriately represented. 

Local Relations Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitChrista McKittrick

Junior - Accounting and Finance; Spanish minor - Prairie Village, KS


The Local Relations Director represents the interests and concerns of the Kansas State University Student Governing Association to local officials and serves as an ex-officio member of the Governmental Relations Committee of the Student Senate.  The Local Relations Director attends city commission and other local meetings as needed.

State Relations Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitAsher Gililand

Junior - Finance - Topeka, KS


The State Relations Director represents the interests and concerns of the KSU SGA to state officials, serves as an ex-officio member of the SGA Senate Governmental Relations committee. The director is instrumental in organizing State Higher Education Day, Cats in the Capital, and Big XII on the Hill in Washington D.C. The Director also attends both the Board of Regents and the Student Advisory Committee meetings, monthly with the Student Body President and Vice President.

Multicultural Affairs Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitChristine Caban

Junior - Marketing and Public Relations - Junction City, KS


The Multicultural Affairs Director represents the interests and concerns of students from diverse populations to the Student Body President, Vice President, and Cabinet. They will serve as a key liaison between multicultural student organizations and the office of Diversity and Dual Career Development, to the President and Vice President. The director will also serve as a member on the SGA Joint Committee on Diversity, as well as the Diversity Programming Council.

Public Relations Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitMike Stanton

Junior - Journalism and Digital Media; Entrepreneurship minor - Olathe, KS


The Public Relations Director fosters public relations, and enhances the distribution of information for the Executive Branch. A key focus will be in formulating communication strategies between the Student Body President, Vice President, Student Senate, and the Student Body, which may include weekly newspaper articles and radio addresses. This director is an ex-officio member of the Public Relations committee under the legislative branch, and is required to attend these meetings weekly.

Manhattan/Salina Relations

Andy Hurtig PortraitZach Freeman 



The K-State Manhattan-Salina Relations Liaison attends each respective campus Student Senate meeting. They keep both campuses up-to-date on the issues being discussed and informing the Student Body President, Vice President, and Cabinet about current events.

Health and Safety Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitKatie Gehrt

Sophomore - Political Science (Pre-Law emphasis); Leadership Studies minor - De Soto, KS


The Health and Safety Director is responsible for programming designed to increase the safety of students, both on and off campus.  The Safety Director will work with campus officials, local businesses and community partners to accomplish a safer campus and community environment.

Student Director of Sustainability

Andy Hurtig PortraitCaitlyn Webb

Sophomore - International Business; Spanish minor - Colorado Springs, CO


The Student Director of Sustainability studies and recommends utilization of resources and development opportunities to ensure a more sustainable future for K-State. They will work with student organizations to represent the views of students to the Student Body President, Vice President and University Administrators.

Technology Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitTucker Styrkowicz

Junior - Industrial Engineering - Leawood, KS


The Technology Director represents the interests and concerns of students on technology services to KSU SGA and University Administration. They will serve on technology task forces on issues ranging from ISIS, Zimbra and others.

Residence Hall Liaison

Andy Hurtig PortraitLindy Bilberry

Sophomore - Agribusiness - Garden City, KS


The Residence Hall Liaison reports to the Association of Residence Halls meetings and to the Student Governing Association to share concerns.  The Residence Hall Liaison also presents issues to the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and Cabinet on behalf of students who reside in University housing.

Student Affairs Director

Andy Hurtig PortraitBecky Brady

Junior - Elementary Education - Wichita, KS


The Student Affairs Director works to involve all areas of campus and share concerns of student organizations with the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and the Chief of Staff.  The Student Affairs Director helps facilitate communications with members of the Student Body President Advisory Board and reviews impending campus decisions and policy changes and reports potential effects for students to the executive branch.

Executive Initiatives

Andy Hurtig PortraitJoey Wenberg

Senior - Public Relations and Political Science - Wichita, KS


The Executive Initiatives Director assists the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and the Chief of Staff with the enactment of the administration’s platform goals and other related initiatives of the executive branch.  Duties include the establishment of committees related to platform issues, representation of the executive branch on University committees, writing legislation, and research and summary of issues facing the student body.

Student Organization Outreach Co-Directors

Andy Hurtig PortraitLizzi Petite

Senior - Human Resource Management; Leadership Studies minor - Junction City, KS


Andy Hurtig PortraitSarah Truman

Senior - Biology; Leadership Studies minor - Hutchinson, KS


The Student Organization Outreach Director works closely with implementing OrgSync, which facilitates engagement by connecting students to organizations, departments, and programs.  The Student Organization Outreach Director helps develop and facilitate leadership workshops while furthering services for student organization success by the Office of Student Activities and Services.  

Chief Economist

Andy Hurtig PortraitBrodie Herrman

Senior - Political Science; History minor - Manhattan, KS


The Chief Economist works closely with the student body president to gather information relevant to making decisions on behalf of the whole student body. The Chief Economist is a close advisor to the president and vice president on any decision-making necessary. Research items could include tuition increases, credit hour fee proposals, and platform initiatives.