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Student Organization Funding Forms

Forms are available for student organizations looking to request funds for on-campus or travel events.  The form for Diversity Programming Committee funds is also available.  These forms and many other useful forms are available in the OrgSync Portal: Resources for Student Organizations.

Student Centered Tuition Enhancements Application

Student-Centered Tuition Enhancement (SCTE) was created in 2004 by the K-State administration as a way to create visible and positive change to the university. This money feeds directly from student’s tuition dollars and funds such projects as K-State Healthy Decisions (HD), Powercat Financial Counseling, and Diversity Programming Council. The committee is looking to expand the project list and is searching for new initiatives that could have a long-term benefit to K-State. If you have a project that fits the criteria for Student-Centered Tuition Enhancement funding we encourage you to submit a proposal. Note that not every proposal received will be funded.

Educational Opportunity Fund Application

Use of EOF is limited to the following purposes:

  • Academic scholarships and fellowships for both graduate and undergraduate students
  • Need-based grants, including awards to students with special expenses, or groups of students who have been historically under-represented in higher education.
  • Salaries or grants for students participating in public and community services programs.
  • Salaries for students employed in campus student services programs.

Online Forms in OrgSync