Private Scholarship Search

Students can use the Internet to search for other potential scholarship opportunities.

Below are some free scholarship search engines.

Scholarship applications may require a résumé, statement of goals, essay, demographic information, or other application materials.  Attention to detail and professional appearance when completing scholarship applications could enhance the chances of winning a scholarship.  Other sources for scholarship applications could be guidance counselors, school libraries, local libraries, civic organizations, businesses, and organizations.

Before beginning your scholarship search, please carefully review our information regarding scholarship scams.  

The K-State Office of Student Financial Assistance is providing this information as a courtesy and does not promote, validate, or maintain the websites listed. URL addresses and website contents frequently change. The URL addresses listed were accessible as of December 2014. Any website appearing here does not imply that Kansas State University or the Office of Student Financial Assistance agrees with the material contained or linked to the websites.