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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Financial Aid Process for Studying Abroad

Timing is very important in the process of receiving financial aid for study abroad programs. Each of the steps below must be completed before students leave the country. Not all study abroad programs are eligible for financial aid. To receive financial aid, the program must be affiliated and have a contractual agreement with Kansas State University. A study abroad program could be an exchange that K-State has with another university or through a program provider in a contractual agreement with K-State. Study Abroad Advisors provide information regarding affiliated programs.

1. Apply for federal financial aid.

If students have not done so already, they need to complete and submit a Free Application for Federal (FAFSA) for the academic year in which they plan on studying abroad. If the study abroad program is during the summer, students also need to complete the Summer Financial Aid Application. Students should check iSIS to see if there is any missing information our office needs in order to process the financial aid.

2. Work with a Study Abroad Advisor, in the Office of International Program (OIP)to choose and apply to a study abroad program.

Study Abroad Advisors provide information regarding the costs of various study abroad programs. After choosing a study abroad program, Study Abroad Advisors provide students with a signed cost summary sheet for the chosen study abroad program. Applications to study abroad will include a Study Abroad Academic Approval form to be signed by the student and his or her Academic Advisor. If the student plans on using federal financial aid to help fund the study abroad program, the student should meet with the study abroad financial aid advisor. If a study abroad program will be led by a faculty member from K-State, students do not need to complete a Study Abroad Academic Approval form.

3. Meet with the study abroad financial aid advisor, in the OSFA, if needing federal financial aid for the study abroad program.

Once a study abroad program is chosen, a cost summary sheet is provided to our office. The study abroad program expenses are then added to the student's cost of attendance in order to offer additional financial aid to the student. 

4. Make all necessary arrangements for the OSFA to authorize financial aid to be applied to the student account.

Students should enroll for a Direct Deposit refund in iSIS. Parents should enroll for a Direct Deposit refund (EFT) with Cashiers and Student Accounts.

For questions about studying abroad, please email the OIP at oip@k-state.edu or call (785) 532-5990.