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Developing Scholars

13th Annual Research Poster Symposium


2013 Abstract Booklet



First-Year Scholars

(L to R) Back Row: Shaunta' Pruitt, Kathy Barron, Micke Ramirez, Denise Durham, Daniel Dissmore, Jeff Murray, Daniel Buyanovski, German Cuevas, Eddy Gomez, Alejandro Marquez, Mark Mathis, Marcus Dominguez, Sonjay Baker. Front Row: Eduardo Acosta, Daniela Guereca, Breyana Ramsey, Obdulia Covarrubias Zambrano, Kelsey Castinado, Jenny Barriga, Larry Rodriguez, Yojana Mendoza, Dalia Camacho, Rebecca Renteria, Marleen Sanchez, Abigail Stedry, Alex Vo, Hannah Gray. Not Pictured: Jena Eder, Katherine Nguyen, and Thuan Daniel Quach. 


2nd year

Second-Year Scholars
(L to R) Back Row: Eduardo Solorzano-Torres, Victor Moreno, Phillip Hill, Chayce Wynn, Ismael Hernandez, Antonio Rodriguez, William Duren, Jonathan Bernard, Zachary Jones, Matt Castinado. Second Row: Hector Martinez, Jamilah Watkins, Alex Martinez, Branford Harris, Austin White, Sofia Sabates, Felicia Walker, Nallely Barron, Mayra Perez-Fajardo, Vanessa Ellis, Jazmin Zeledon. Front Row: Irma Ailon, Monica Farfan, Simone Holliday, Natira Staats. Not Pictured:  Elizabeth Riedy. 



Third-Year Scholars

(L to R) Back Row: Morgan Armbruster, Adrian Gomez, Luis Chavez, Stephanie Jacquez, Xavier Gavin, Roberto Diaz, Brooke Williams, Alexandra Dominguez, Phillip Gomez. Front Row: Valerie Rito, Tiana Brooks, Phuoc Van Bui, Pamela Maynez, Emma Brace, Stephanie Skinner, Joshua Ames. Not Pictured: Fabian Martinez and Miguel Valdes. 


phuoc award   Rotenberg

University Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Student in Research goes to Senior in Microbiology Phuoc Van Bui (pictured with Provost April Mason). This award is given to one student of sophomore standing or above each year.

The University Distinguished Faculty Award  for the Mentoring of Undergraduate Students in Research goes to Dr. Dorith Rotenberg (Plant Pathology). This award is given to one outstanding faculty member each year.



Academic Excellence: The following students were recognized for their academic excellence for earning a 4.0 GPA in 2012 (L to R) Back Row: Adrian Gomez, William Duren, Ismael Hernandez, Marcus Dominguez, Matt Castinado, Jonathan Bernard. Front Row: Breyana Ramsey, Nallely Barron, Jenny Barriga, Stephanie Skinner, Mayra Perez-Fajardo, Pamela Maynez, and Phuoc Van Bui. 



Frank Cortez Memorial Award was presented to German Cuevas (left). This award goes to a student who passionately pursues excellence in many different interests from the arts to the sciences. 

Excellence in the Arts Award was presented to Daniel Dissmore (right). We believe in the importance of intellectual inquiry in all fields of endeavor.



stephanie j  adrian g

Bridges To The Future Excellence Awards went to Stephanie Jacquez and Adrian Gomez. These awards are for the NIH Bridges To The Future students who have most distinguished themselves through research. 



Faculty Awards of Appreciation: (L to R) Dr. Frank White, Plant Pathology; Dr. Dorith Rotenberg, Plant Pathology; Dr. Sherry Fleming, Biology; Dr. John Tomich, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics; Assistant Professor Michael Gibson, Architecture-- not pictured.



          obdulia poster  jenny bossmann

Promise awards went to Obdulia Covarrubias Zambrano and Jenny Barriga (Pictured with Dr. Stefan Bossmann). These awards are given to a new Scholar who shows great promise in the first year of research.



stephanie s poster

The Eclipse Award goes to Stephanie Skinner, third year Scholar in Animal Science and Industry/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. This is an award that acknowledges exceptional work by a young researcher. 



pamela poster

Rita G. Perez Exemplary Scholar Award went to Pamela Maynez, third-year Scholar in Chemistry. The Rita G. Perez Exemplary Scholar Award goes to a third-year Scholar who exemplifies intelligence, curiosity, integrity, generosity, empathy, determination, and perseverance through adversity. 



      denise jeff branford jazmin phuoc josh

James R. Coffman Award of Excellence is based on the following traits: 

1) A Developing Scholar is not afraid of challenges and is expected to apply him or herself on research while maintaining good grades. 2) A Scholar is dependable, hard-working and responsible. A Scholar understands the commitment and the opportunity and values the experience provided. 3) A Scholar is a person of integrity. 4) A Scholar is intellectually inquisitive and excellence shows in her or his work.

(From L to R) First-Year Award Winner: Denise Durham; First-Year Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Murray; Second-Year Award Winner: Jazmin Zeledon; Second-Year Honorable Mention: Branford Harris; Third-Year Award Winner: Phuoc Van Bui; Third-Year Honorable Mention: Joshua Ames. 




Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Recognitions:  Sonjay Baker and Rebecca Renteria were welcomed into the program this year as Michelle Foster graduates and prepares to enter law school. 



urm 12  urm 13

Undergraduate Research Mentoring in Ecological Genomics at K-State offers year-long internships to study genes and genome function in the natural environment. (See more at http://ecogen.k-state.edu/ecogenis.html).

DSP awardees for 2012-2013 were (L to R): Sofia Sabates, Kale Lothamer (DSP Alumni), Stephanie Jacquez, and Joshua Ames.

The 2013-2014 awardees are (L to R): Obdulia Covarrubbias Zambrano, Larry Rodriguez, and Jazmin Zeledon. 


 More Photos


Scholars German Cuevas, Abigail Stedry, Jamilah Watkins, Irma Ailon, Sofia Sabates, Tiana Brooks,
Thuan Daniel Quach, Phuoc Van Bui, and Xavier Gavin welcome Symposium guests in a variety of languages.  
denise provost

First-year Scholar Denise Durham with Provost April Mason.


 First-Year Scholar Jenny Barriga discussing her research with Graduate School Dean Carol Shanklin and Dr. Eric Maata, Head of the Department of Chemistry. 

daniel q














 Thuan Daniel Quach, first year Scholar, with guests.


Elizabeth R

Elizabeth Riedy, second year Scholar, discussing her research.

Dr White mentees














 Dr. Frank White (Plant Pathology) and his Scholar mentees

Daniela Guereca, Shaunta' Pruitt, and Victor Moreno. 

Diaz famScholar Roberto Diaz with his wife, former Scholar Johanna Diaz and their daughter Lena. 

daniel d trumpet














 First year Scholar Daniel Dissmore playing a Miles Davis piece for Michelle White-Godinet, Assistant Director of Affirmative Action.  


The 2012-2013 Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders (L to R) Back Row: Jonathan Bernard, Chayce Wynn, Ismael Hernandez, Miguel Valdes, Sonjay Baker. Front Row: Michelle Foster, Emma Brace, Stephanie Skinner, Rebecca Renteria, Zachary Jones. 

jenny webb dandaneau

 First-year Scholar Jenny Barriga with DSP Faculty Director Dr. Farrell Webb
and Dr. Steven Dandaneau, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.