Expectations of Scholars

  • Work on the research project six to ten hours weekly and meet with the research mentor regularly
  • Participate in the first-year research seminar
  • Attend monthly group meetings
  • Participate in annual poster symposium
  • Uphold DSP’s high standards of academics and integrity

Alumni Spotlight

University Distinguished Undergraduate in Research Award

Phuoc Bui


Phuoc Van Bui (Dodge City, KS): graduated 2013.  Phuoc, a first-generation, community college transfer student, received the prestigious University Distinguished Undergraduate Student in Research Award, the first undergraduate research award established at K-State. Phuoc is the third Developing Scholar to win this award.  His research, under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Weiss in Anatomy and Physiology, was on the expression of a green fluorescent protein (GFP) in Fischer F344 ESC and generation of transgenic rats.  Phuoc was named an author in the journal Stem Cells and Development (February 2013) and in the journal Cell Proliferation (April 2013).  He was also the recipient of a Student Life Outstanding Graduating Senior Award and began his studies at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine Fall of 2013.