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Developing Scholars

15th Annual Research Poster Symposium


2015 Abstract Booklet

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Academic Excellence: The following students were recognized for their academic excellence for earning a 4.0 GPA in 2014 (L to R back row): Raquel Ortega, Daniel Perez, Jeff Murray, Arisa Yamashita, Thuy Cao, Cipriana Sapien, (L to R front row): Jose Covarrubias, Michael Zuniga, Navanté Peacock, Tayler Christian, Jenny Delzeit, Izabella Carmona, Kiera Brown, Marcus Dominguez, Obdulia Covarrubias, and Eduardo Acosta, (Not pictured): Alyssa Baquero and Jonathan Bernard


Michael     michael

Frank Cortez Memorial Award was presented to Michael Zuniga (Mentor: Dr. Mark Weiss, Anatomy & Physiology). This award goes to a student who passionately pursues excellence in many different interests from the arts to the sciences. 


Diligence in Research Awards were presented to Denisse Dominguez (Mentor: Dr. David Auckly) and Kiera Brown (Dr. Lisa Melander). These awards go to students who have achieved academically and in research in spite of obstacles in their paths. 

pay it forward

Pay It Forward Awards were presented to Sharon Wilson (Sponsored by: Phillip and Bobby Gomez); Daniel Perez (Sponsored by: Talia Gutierrez); and Socorro Martinez (Sponsored by: Jose and Areli Valles). These awards are funded by DSP alumni who wish to give back to the program and are awarded to current students whose experience reflects the donor's in some way. 



Bridges To The Future Excellence Award went to Obdulia Covarrubias (Mentor: Dr. Dorith Rotenburg, Plant Pathology). These awards are for the NIH Bridges To The Future students who have most distinguished themselves through research. 


Promise awards go to Melissa Riley (Mentor: Dr. Bruce Schultz) and Patrick Guvele (Mentors: Dr. Nancy Monteiro-Riviere and Dr. Abhilash Sasidharan). These awards are given to a new Scholar who shows great promise in the first year of research.


The Eclipse Award goes to Marcus Dominguez (Mentor: Dr. Alisa Garni, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work), third year Scholar in Sociology. This is an award that acknowledges exceptional work by a young researcher. 


James R. Coffman Award of Excellence is based on the following traits: 

1) A Developing Scholar is not afraid of challenges and is expected to apply him or herself on research while maintaining good grades. 2) A Scholar is dependable, hard-working and responsible. A Scholar understands the commitment and the opportunity and values the experience provided. 3) A Scholar is a person of integrity. 4) A Scholar is intellectually inquisitive and excellence shows in her or his work.

(From L to R) Third-Year Winner: Denise Durham (Mentor: Dr. Roger McHaney); Third-Year Honorable Mention: Hannah Gray (Mentor: Dr. Briana Nelson-Goff); Second-Year Honorable Mention: Tayler Christian (Mentor: Dr. Alisa Garni); Second-Year Winner: Navanté Peacock (Mentor: Dr. Don Saucier); First-Year Honorable Mention: Jacobo Jacquez (Mentor: Dr. Joel DeRouchey); First-Year Winner: Marissa Follette (Mentor: Dr. Placidus Amama); First-Year Runner Up: Keiteyana Parks (Mentor: Dr. Mary Cain)


The Rita G. Perez Exemplary Scholar Award goes to Jeffrey Murray (Mentor: Dr. Sanjay Rabello, Physics), senior Scholar in Physics. The Rita G. Perez Exemplary Scholar Award goes to a third-year Scholar who exemplifies intelligence, curiosity, integrity, generosity, empathy, determination, and perseverance through adversity.  


The Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship Awardees for 2014-2015 (L to R): Noe Nunez (Mentor: Dr. Lisa Wilken), Michael Zuniga (Mentor: Dr. Mark Weiss), Samantha Estabrook (Mentor: Professor Ryadi Adityavarman), and Marco Loma-Jasso (Mentor: Dr. J. Garth Thompson)