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Developing Scholars

Jonathan BernardJonathan Bernard

Hutchinson, KS

Research: "How is Deoxygenated Hemoglobin Affected During Ramp Incremental Forearm Exercise Between Young and Older Males?"
In this project I studied arterial oxygen delivery to the muscle, in comparison to oxygen utilization of the muscle and its correlation to the subject's age.

Favorite thing about K-State:
Family atmosphere, personable professors and a beautiful campus

Favorite part of the Developing Scholars Program:
Symposium Presentations and being able to implicate what I learn in my courses to the hands on work in a laboratory

Most important lesson you have learned through being an Edgerley-Franklin leader:
The Alternative Breaks I have had the opportunity to participate in have enhanced my understanding of the severity of social issues throughout our nation.

Advice for an incoming student:
To better understand what you learn in class, think about how the information you're learning is relevant to what you're personally interested in.

Future plans:
I am applying to Medical School and taking MCAT during the summer of 2014, and aspiring to become a Pediatric Surgeon or an Astro Physician.

Fun fact:
I have broken my neck!