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Developing Scholars

Geordy WilliamsGeordy Williams

Computer Science
Overland Park, KS

Research: "Recommender Systems"
Recommender Systems are used to suggest content to users such as the, "Recommended Friends" section on Facebook or the "Because you watched..." section on Netflix. Systems like these will be researched in an effort to build a website fitted with a functioning Recommender System.

Favorite thing about K-State:
The campus. It's compact enough to get around easily and it also looks great.

Favorite part of the Developing Scholars Program:
Delving further into my field of study. It's great being able to apply in my research what I am learning in the classroom.

Most important lesson you have learned through being an Edgerley-Franklin leader:
We've learned about the principles of leadership. Of the 5, knowing that we can all be leaders at any time is the most encouraging. It's a huge motivation for me to always lead by example.

Advice for an incoming student:
Be excited and know that if you're ever struggling, there are tons of resources here just for your success. There's financial help, class/tutoring help, and professional development help (resume workshops, mock interviews) to name a few. Whatever you need, it's there.

Future plans:
My plans are pretty open right now. I'm hoping to take my knowledge in computer science into either the Medical Field, Cyber Security, or Environmental Science. I also hope to one day help bring more minorities into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields (STEM).

Fun fact:
My favorite hobbies are video games and soccer. I play pickup games at the Rec Complex several nights a week and look forward to playing my new PS4.