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Developing Scholars

Emma presenting her researchEmma Brace

Biological Systems Engineering/Chemistry minor
Topeka, KS

Research: "Evaluation of Recombinant Human Serum Albumin Extraction from Transgenic Rice Flour"

Favorite thing about K-State:
Whenever you hear 'Alma Mater' played and put your arms around the people next to you: "I know a spot that I love full well..." Kansas State University is a family.

Favorite part of DSP:
Undergraduate Research has empowered me as a credible undergraduate researcher with the confidence in my ability to be accepted into graduate school.

Most important lesson you have learned through being an Edgerley-Franklin leader:
Everyone has different strengths and talents that they can bring to the table, and we need everyone to contribute in order to effectively tackle large problems that are affecting the urban environment. There is no one solution.

Advice for an incoming student:
Be confident in yourself – you made it this far, there is nowhere you can't go!

Future Plans:
Ph.D. in Engineering!

Fun fact:
I like to read while I'm on the treadmill. Two birds, one stone...