About DSP

2011 Group photo

DSP Goals
  • Identify, recruit, motivate, and enable more underrepresented students to obtain a Bachelor's degree from Kansas State University.
  • Increase K-State faculty involvement and understanding of the needs and richness of diverse perspectives that underrepresented students bring to the university environment.
  • Improve academic success and create opportunity for underrepresented students at Kansas State University.
  • Foster development of a community of student researchers by providing educational enrichment activities and ways for students to interact, network, socialize, and collaborate with each other and with the larger academic community.
  • Nurture a strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity, community problem-solving, and enjoyment in the act of learning.
  • Continue to improve the retention and graduation rates of underrepresented populations at Kansas State University.
  • Increase the numbers of underrepresented students who transfer to Kansas State University from community colleges and who graduate.
  • Establish a "pathway of progress" to provide opportunities for underrepresented students to pursue diverse academic interests and to enter graduate programs, professional schools, or to find placement in their professional fields upon graduation.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to interact with students from diverse cultural backgrounds who can bring fresh perspectives to the research environment.
  • Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of participation in the Developing Scholars Program for faculty and students.
  • Share with other institutions of higher learning what is learned.