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Developing Scholars

About the Developing Scholars Program (DSP)

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What is DSP?

DSP offers high-achieving, serious-minded, underrepresented students research projects in their field of study with faculty mentors. Scholars will receive academic, social, and financial support while becoming integrated into the intellectual climate of the university through participation in the discovery and creation of new knowledge at Kansas State University.

The program provides structured, faculty-supported opportunities for selected students who typically have not been well-represented in higher education in Kansas. If you are a student who has been historically underrepresented and are interested in doing research with faculty, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

Scholars will enroll in an introductory research seminar course for each semester of their first year. Additionally, all Scholars will attend monthly meetings consisting of team-building, lectures, presentations, and community service.  Scholars will further benefit from associations with their peers across disciplines as they all challenge themselves to become the change agents in their respective fields. Research is available in any field of study that K-State offers from the sciences, the humanities, education, business, agriculture, the arts, and everything in-between.branford

 What does DSP provide?

  • A motivated peer group of achievers and leaders
  • A positive and supportive climate in which to develop intellectually and socially
  • A network of mentors across campus and beyond
  • A guided pathway to a rewarding future
  • An award-winning staff to assist with the journey

Program Profile and Highlights:

  • 57% first-generation college students
  • ACT Range: 17-34
  • 82% graduation rate
  • Fullbright Scholarship Recipient
  • Goldwater Scholarship Recipient 
  • Four Teach for America Awardees
  • Cancer Research Awards every year since 2000 (12 awards in Fall 2012)
  • Three medical doctors, five in medical school, three in dentistry
  • Two students in chiropractic school, one optometrist
  • Eight architects, ten engineers
  • Five veterinary graduates
  • Three attorneys
  • Three University Distinguished Undergraduate in Research Awards
  • Thirteen Outstanding Senior awards in thirteen years

Excelencia In Education Honorable Mention

Excelencia in Education is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate Latino student success in higher education. In 2009, the Developing Scholars Program was recognized as an Example of Excelencia Honorable Mention. Kansas State University was the only school acknowledged in the Midwest in 2009.