Graduate Students

Kerri Bellamy
PhD candidate
Research Interest: Criminology

Will Chernoff
PhD candidate
Research Interests: juvenile justice; police use of force; feminist criminology; cultural criminology; crime, victimization, and inequality; mentorship; web ecology; big data; mixed method

Krystal Cooper
Masters candidate
Research Interests: Gender in Society 

Matthew Dance
PhD candidate
Research Interests:  Relations of higher education with communities, Critical Theory focused on social systems and institutions, and current epistemes pervading societies discourses

Ana Luiza de Campos Paula 
PhD candidate
Research Interests: Rural and community development; political sociology; social stratification/inequality. The main question behind my dissertation is how land tenure or the control over the land empowers the Brazilian peasant population (mostly impoverished, non-white peasants) turning them into full, critical citizens.  

Edward L.W. Green
Ph.D. candidate 
Research Interests: specializes in criminology and rural development.  Actively engaged in prison ethnography, cultural criminology, and the study of rural development.  Generally, interested in the relationship between state institutions and how they affect the broader social landscape. 

Michelle Horstmeier
PhD candidate
Research Interests: rural development, agricultural development, sustainable agriculture, climate change, indigenous populations, etc. 

Vivian Hughes
Masters candidate
Research Interests: Development, Migration, Environment/Sustainability 

Joseph Jakubek
PhD candidate
Research Interests: Religion, Politics, Culture, Rural Identity, Phenomenology, and Social Structure.  

Dzhamilia Makashova
Masters candidate
Research Interests: Criminology

Michael Miller
PhD candidate
Research Interests: Rural sociology, Rural Development, U.S. Food Insecurity, Food and Agriculture, Poverty, Stratification, Racial Inequality, Community Development, Research Methods 

Laura Murphy
PhD candidate
Research Interests: Criminology, middle-class crime, juvenile crime, murder

Joab Omondi Esamwata (Fulbright Scholar)
PhD candidate
Research Interests- International Development, Rural Development and Agriculture, Monitoring and Evaluation

Alagi Patel 
Masters candidate
Research Interests:  Development, Globalization, Urban, Political Economy, and Environment  

Daniel Sitterle 
PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Racial/Ethnic Identities, Inequalities, Discrimination, Injustice, Stratification

Adam Veitch
PhD candidate
Research Interests: 

Sandra Yesenia Huerta Bacaee
PhD candidate
Research Interests: Intersectionality, Xicana Feminism, and Social Movements 



Graduate Student Achievements: